Thursday, 21 March 2013

Virgin Media Vs Torrents

Why is Virgin Media Blocking Torrent sites?

Virgin Media was listed as the best Internet Provider since they are blocking Torrent sites a lot of people changing Their ISP. BT has announced that they got Optic Fiber which they clams to be faster. But a lot of people they don't want to change the host just for faster speed but want other the Torrent Site to be unblocked too. Virgin Media is changing their customer view on torrents they have not even providing best support. Virgin media clams that it is Court order to Block sites but when someone is downloading that person is using a lot of bandwidth in-order to download the file they need. Virgin Media will Blocking any site that they find to be in sharing files they will Immediately block the site. were the first site for torrent the were blocked in the U.K then on 2/21/2013 they blocked Kat(Kick Ass Torrent). Virgin media will not stop blocking torrent sites. If you want you can find better ISP provider for your self.

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Virgin Media forum : P2P (Peer to Peer) Click Here

Torrents are not illegal but what you use it for.

What is Torrent?

Torrent client : uTorrent, Deluge, etc. These are programs that run torrent files. You'll need these to download torrents.

Torrent files : Small files that tell your torrent client where to download a file and all the details about users connected to a tracker. You download a torrent file, open it with your torrent client, select a location to save and the actual file download will begin.

Tracker : A server that keeps track of the users connected to the torrent file. The server itself does not have the file you want to download, it connects you to peers (uploaders and downloaders) where you all send and receive at the same time.

What is Peer-to-Peer?

What is it?
This is a special kind of network type ('Network topology' is the fancy description). It describes computers that are networked to each other without a central server being in-between.
Why was it developed?
Peer-to-Peer networks are very popular with people who want to share files directly with one another. The files do not have to be stored on a central server.
Software has been developed that can even put together a file from bits of the file stored across several 'peers' on the network. For example Bit Torrent can do this. The advantage is that no single computer needs to be over-loaded when a very popular / very large file is requested.
Why is it important?
It is an important development because it will affect the way the Internet is used in the future.
Many companies want to provide 'video on demand' services but the problem has been how to provide the vast bandwidth needed when thousands of people are asking for the same video file e.g. the latest episode of 'Lost' or '24'
Peer-to-Peer is an ideal solution to the problem because hundreds of computers can hold parts of the video and so share the load.
Some companies are calling the peer-to-peer connections they are building as 'The Grid' which is a trendier name for the same thing.

What about the future?
In the near future, high definition television programs may be delivered through the internet and so peer-to-peer may be used.

Why are some websites not available through Virgin Media?

Whilst rare, from time to time Virgin Media is required to block access to certain websites meaning they cannot be accessed by customers using our broadband service. Blocking access to certain websites is something that Virgin Media does only when absolutely necessary. The two scenarios where sites may be blocked on our service are:
(a) because the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) has asked us to block a particular site to protect children and our customers from potentially illegal content.
(b) we receive an order from the Courts requiring us to prevent access to a certain site, for example in order to help protect Copyright – this is a legal obligation we must comply with.
The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) is an independent body funded by the European Union and Internet Service Providers such as Virgin Media. The IWF operates a confidential hotline for Internet users to report criminal online content that exploits children. The IWF works with law enforcement to eliminate the sources of this type of content, whilst also working with its member ISPs, including Virgin Media, to remove access to this type of content.
Working with the IWF helps protect children around the world and also protects Virgin Media customers from potentially illegal content.
For more information on the work that IWF do please visit their
Copyright Infringement
The use of the internet has changed dramatically over the last few years, with the advent of superfast broadband services, and more and more of us are enjoying catch-up TV, listening to music or watching the latest movies online. Virgin Media’s network is able to deliver of all this great content quickly and easily – but we are aware that there are some sites on the internet that may be distributing content unlawfully.
Virgin Media prides itself on being a responsible ISP, and acts under instruction of Court Orders to block sites deemed by the courts to be infringing copyright. This occurs where websites are found to be operating unlawfully by facilitating access to copyright infringing material, and Virgin Media, along with other ISPs in the UK, are required to block access to such sites.


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